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6H Agency Jobs

Join our team!

6H Agency is one of the leading agencies for native advertising. Through media-buying excellence, a variety of channels and formats as well as tailored, high-quality creatives and content, 6H builds profitable user acquisition channels for large brands around the world. Our success has led us to become the go-to performance agency for native ads, partnering with Taboola, Outbrain, and Yahoo to onboard and scale key accounts at international level. We create funnels that connect brands with the right audience and drive extraordinary revenue.

A career at 6H Agency is more than just a job.
It is an opportunity to experience growth - growth for yourself, your team, and the company.

Unsure if you fit the job description? No worries! At 6H Agency, we think you’re an absolute rockstar if you’re not afraid to show us who you are - especially if your career has taken unexpected twists and turns along the way.

Your CV comes second to your personality. If you think of yourself as a team player and a curious self-starter, then you’ll fit right in!

You will be surrounded by creative, brilliant minds that speak one or both of our company languages (German & English). 

Interested in working with us? Have a look at our open positions below!

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