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Student employees in the course of the master thesis (m/f/d) Topic:  Measurement and Evaluation of a LiDAR Field of View - Job - Jobs

Student employees in the course of the master thesis (m/f/d) Topic: Measurement and Evaluation of a LiDAR Field of View

About ficonTEC

ficonTEC Service GmbH is an innovative high-tech company that has quickly established itself in a highly specialized market since 2001. With continuous growth and innovative development, we are a recognized market leader in the automated assembly and testing of optoelectronic components and (hybrid) photonic devices. Our companywide goal is to set up top notch technology which facilitates our customers from around the world to build tomorrow’s opto-electronic devices.

You are writing your master thesis and looking for a suitable company, in a forward-looking industry? Then become part of our strong and experienced team in the R&D department!

Student employees in the course of the master thesis (m/f/d)
Topic:  Measurement and Evaluation of a LiDAR Field of View

Your responsibilities

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It is a distance method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges. LiDAR has become a leading technology due to its recent growth in many applications such as Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics and mapping. It measures the time it takes for each laser pulse to bounce back from an obstacle. This pulsed laser measurement is used to create 3D models. LiDAR field of view (FOV) measurement is a part of our research and development activities at ficonTEC. The aim of this thesis is to develop a measurement setup to measure and evaluate the effective FOV of LiDAR systems. Then, to evaluate the measurement method by testing different types of commercial LiDARs. Finally, investigating the performance by changing the surrounding environment. The complexity of the tasks will be adapted to either bachelor or master thesis level.

The following points should be covered:

1. Theoretical Research
  • Different types of LiDARs
  • LiDAR working Principle
  • State of the art of the LiDAR FOV techniques
  • Mathematical description of the measurement working principle
  • LiDAR-Targets Alignment method

2. Experimental Research:

  • Operating different types of LiDAR systems
  • Implementing and evaluating the required Opto-mechanical setups
  • Developing a Python code for calculations and evaluation
  • Investigating the measurement performance by changing the surrounding environment

3. Thesis Report in english


We offer:

  • Appropriate remuneration opportunities
  • Distinctive prospects incl. international career opportunities
  • Exciting, international clients from a wide range of industries
  • Onboarding program and individual support
  • Annual employee appraisals for your targeted and individual development/personal development
  • Short decision-making processes, opportunity to get involved and change things
  • Discount opportunities for employees (e.g., City for two, benefits app)
  • Top hardware incl. ergonomic workplace conditions
  • Of course: regular company events (e.g., summer party, Christmas party, B2Run), free drinks and parking spaces

Your application

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