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Paid Summer Internship / Part-Time PhD Position, Data Analytics (m/f/x)

Data analytics paid summer internship / part-time PhD position in collaboration with SIGNA Sports United

ESMT Berlin is collaborating with SIGNA Sports United in a data analytics / pricing policy project.

For this project, ESMT Prof. Özlem Bedre-Defolie is looking for a summer intern / part-time research assistant (PhD student). While you will be working in close collaboration with Prof. Bedre-Defolie, you will be employed by SIGNA Sports United.  

We are building the Global #1 Sports E-commerce Platform.
SIGNA Sports United is Continental Europe’s leading sports E-commerce platform, operating around 80 webshops in 17 countries across the fast-growing categories of bike, tennis, outdoor, team sports & athleisure. Serving a customer base of
approximately 2.7 million active customers, with more than 179 million website visits and more than 3.7 million net orders in the twelve months ended September 30, 2018, we are the go-to sports online shopping platform for Continental Europe’s sports


Details about the project

Apply Econometrics methods to estimate demand for sports products sold by a Europe’s leading e-commerce retailer using existing company data and provide an optimal pricing policy for different products based on estimated demand parameters (demand elasticities) and customer segment and/or preference

SIGNA Sports United is generating in its daily business large data in various fields of its e-commerce business operations, e.g. Customer data (Data Management Platform / DMP), pricing data, marketing data, inventory data, etc. SIGNA Sports United has very detailed user (consumer) level data on customers‘ preferences, behavior from its customers‘ e-commerce activities and a mobile phone app. SIGNA Sports United is looking for an expert in data analytics, e.g. a PhD student in the field of economics or management science, to structure and use available data in a systematic and sophisticated way for optimal pricing decisions.

These will be your main tasks and responsibilities

  • Second year or a more senior PhD student (after completing first-year methodology courses in econometrics and microeconomics)
  • Good command of empirical methodologies and tools, including big data methods, like machine learning, to clean and structure big data sets, provide descriptive statics, correlation trees linking observable customer characteristics to customer behavior, like probabilities of sales
  • Knowledge of Stata/R and Python would be helpful
  • Good understanding of theoretical models of pricing to conceptualize what type of pricing decisions could be improved using available data (e.g., how to account for own- and cross-product price elasticities in pricing products sold by a multi-product firm, price discrimination based on customer segment information)

This is what we offer

You will have the opportunity to apply and further develop your data analytics skills. The payment is based on your qualifications.

We are looking forward to your application

Please submit the following documents / information:
  • CV, clearly stating data analytics skills
  • Short motivation letter
  • Relevant transcripts
  • Salary expectation
  • Availability (start date and duration)
  • Work permit (non-EU citizens)
Prof. Bedre-Defolie will be your main contact person.